Howdy! I know you might be wondering how much you can trust my opinion on products that I talk about. Know this: I like to share what I love, and if I say I like something, it’s because I genuinely like it, not because I’m being asked or paid to say so. Period.

I buy my own supplies. Unless otherwise noted, and I will make it obvious, I purchase all of the supplies and products I talk about on my blog.

I participate in several affiliate programs. That means I receive a commission when products are purchased through links here at this blog (at NO additional cost to you). I like how Jennifer McGuire puts it: Think of it as tipping the waitress at a restaurant… only it doesn’t cost you more. Also, any affiliate earnings I make are pumped right back into my crafting and DIY habit. Please know that any economic relief that provides is much appreciated and gives me more to write about here—and I get fewer stink-eye glares from my spouse. That’s always a good thing.

I do not get paid for the content or opinions I write. Sure, affiliate earnings might seem like payment. But I’m telling you that my opinions aren’t bought by any of the companies I mention. Any affiliate earnings are not based on whether I say I like something or don’t like it. And I won’t say I like it if I don’t.

I do not work for any of the companies I talk about. I AM an Independent Demonstrator with Stampin’ Up!. So if you buy from my Stampin’ Up online shop, I do earn from that. I’m also an occasional guest for the Honey Bee Stamps Design Team, which, again, is not a paid position.

Stampin’ Up! Disclaimer. The content on this web site and my social networks is my sole responsibility as an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and any classes, services, or products offered here are not endorsed by Stampin’ Up!

Bottom line: I will never share or even review a product that I wouldn’t recommend to my friends or that I don’t personally like. That’s my promise to you.

My thanks to Jennifer McGuire, whose own disclaimer page inspired this one.